Monday, November 12, 2012

Chris Cantu
Part 1:

I interviewed my good friend Ryan Campbell who I’ve known for 12 years. Ryan is 23 years old and lives in Richardson, Texas. He attends the University of Texas at Dallas and majors in Business. He has taken some philosophy classes, so he has some prior philosophy knowledge. While he does not attend church regularly he does consider himself a Christian and firmly believes in God. Ryan’s faith grew stronger after his mom (while being treated for breast cancer in the hospital) experienced an encounter with God.

Part 2:

Question #1: it’s quite possible Bella’s life is going very well
Question #2: Norbert’s life can’t be going entirely well
Question #3: it’s quite possible Constance’s life is going very well
Question #4: it’s quite possible Maggie’s life is going very well
Question #5: Maggie’s life can’t be going entirely well
Question #6: possibly a lot (Tom)
Question #7: Carlos’s life can’t be going entirely well
Question #8: Alan’s life is going no better than Ben’s
Question #9: the extra pain is worth it, to avoid her error about where she is
Question #10: the extra pain would be worth it, to understand where she really is
Question #11: yes (Sisyphus life has meaning?)
Question #12: no (Sisyphus injected)
Question #13: allowing him to build the castle and gaze upon it for years
Question #14: since he doesn’t identify with his desire to push and doesn’t want to have that desire, he doesn’t care about pushing; thus, his situation is not good for him
Question #15: no (Glow worms life meaningless?)
Question #16: the person who wants to be a master chef
Question #17: no (would not plug in to experience machine)
Question #18: yes (would unplug)
Question #19: yes (would unplug)
Question #20: real trip
Question #21: nobody should judge

Part 3:
  Ryan:   There are certain things that are key to the good life, your life has meaning in a true subjective way. Subjective in the fact that you choose what’s truly important, what it is you identify with, and what you care about to put on a list of things that make up a good life. This very notion of an objective list in fact provides you with a meaningful life. More specifically the good life would consist of love, care, happiness, family, faith, autonomy, self-fulfillment, and morality (to a certain extent).

Part 4:
Question #1 in depth: Even though Ryan answered affirmatively to Bella living a good life, he pointed out that Bella could actually have autonomy because he sees it as Bella choosing to have someone run her life the way Bella’s life is. Ryan agrees that autonomy is important and sees it in Bella’s life too.
Question #2 in depth: Ryan explained that he does not think Norbert has a self and this is very disconcerting to him. Ryan argued that he knows someone similar to Norbert and he feels like his life is missing something very important. He explained that it is important to be able to identify with yourself in the sense of knowing what is truly important to you, you can’t be flipping from thing to thing because you don’t have anything to identify with as yourself.
Question #4/5 in depth: Ryan seemed to contradict himself by answering question #4 affirmatively (life is going well) but the opposite to question #5. Ryan explained that question #4 confused him a little. But as for question #5 he said that getting happiness from gambling is wrong, because it should come from something valuable. After explaining that the magic drug is the same as getting happiness from gambling (something valueless) Ryan changed his response to question #4.
Question #6 in depth: Ryan answered that Tom is getting possibly a lot of happiness. he stated that this may seem wrong but that it may not to Tom. That is because Tom may know that it’s wrong to get happiness this way and maybe even that it is immoral but that does not deny the fact that he gets what he really wants (gets pleasure) from peeping at his neighbor. Put it another way, if Tom doesn’t do this then he causes himself pain, which seems irrational for him to do.
Question #7 in depth: Ryan stated that based on living the best life possible (as good as it can be), someone like Carlos (someone with disabilities) cannot truly live a good life, even if it was by no choice by anyone to have a disability.
Question #9/10 in depth: Ryan believes that the amount of pain experienced is not worth being loopy and losing contact with who and where you are. Ryan does not think having no pain is worth having any sort of false belief.
Question #11 in depth: Ryan believes Sisyphus’s life does have meaning but in a subjective way because if this is the narrow parameters that Sisyphus has live by then he chooses to live life this way (he chooses to pus the rock up continually) and this means his life meaningful.
Question #12 in depth: Here Ryan said no, the life is meaningless. That is because, as Ryan argued, Sisyphus is living a false life by being injected with something that causes him to want something. The injection makes his life have a false meaning, which means his life is meaningless.
Question #16 in depth: Ryan believes it is important to identify with what is important in life. Morality is good but sometimes it can lead one to do things they do not necessarily identify which can blind you from what’s more important to you in life.
Question #17/18/19/20/21 in depth: Ryan argues that programming your life to be perfect is not real. He stated that you’re not actually doing or experiencing anything in life. He consistently wanted to have contact with reality, which helps disprove DeBrigard.
Question #20 in depth: Ryan argued that if the Christian saint did what he truly wanted to do (if it was what he really identified with) then his life went well and it was a good life. But Ryan pointed out that he did not personally think it was a good life because it Simeon Stylites life lacked certain important things and neglected certain things. More specifically Ryan stated that Simeon’s life seemed to neglect his family and lacked in true happiness, care, and love of important things. Ryan argued that he considers himself to be religious but does not see how exactly Simeon was living a good life even though it was devoted to sacrifice and suffering (like Jesus).

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